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Adapt or die.

Home » BLOG » News The leopard’s incredible adaptability enables it to thrive in all kinds of terrain, including some of the harshest, extremely seasonal or ‘feast or famine’ type of environments, in which others simply cannot survive. In a changing environment, like we all find ourselves in daily, how[…]

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Innovation: surviving competition

Home » BLOG » News One of many powerful success lessons from Africa’s Big Cats that I share in my keynote presentations is how to survive brutal competition by innovating and doing what no-one else is doing.  As the smallest (by shoulder height) of the large predators, the leopard has[…]

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  • Hi Lorne, just a short note to say thank you very much for the great motivational talk you presented here in Hermanus last week. Definitely one of the best that I and I’m sure, many others, were fortunate to experience!!!  Loved your comparison of animals and humans when it comes to survival! I walked out of the hall feeling well and truly inspired. Keep up your amazing work.

  • Again I have to compliment you on the wo