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Extraordinary Motivation can Change EVERYTHING!

International Motivational Speaker Lorne Sulcas is definitely not your average keynote speaker.
“It’s a jungle out there.” In a Wild World, merely surviving is not enough. To THRIVE in a world of change and competition requires exceptional resilience, teamwork, leadership and MOTIVATION
The Big Cat Guy’s presentations are like nothing you’ve ever seen before –or will ever see again.

Motivational Keynote Speaker Lorne Sulcas recommended by Neil McCoy-Ward“I’ve heard the best keynote speakers in the world and Lorne’s presentation was World-Class! A masterclass in professional speaking!” – Neil McCoy-Ward, Managing Director, Forward Thinking Group, UK

See why Lorne’s audiences from Atlanta to London, UK, Singapore to Sydney, consistently rave about his motivational presentations.

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NOT  your average Keynote Speaker

Your choice of a Keynote Speaker can make or break your event.  The success of your conference or meeting is directly proportionate to the energy, motivation, excitement and knowledge your delegates will harness.

See why event planners and associations in all corners of the globe, consistently bring Lorne in to be their mainstage conference keynote.


Transforming your team’s RESULTS

Great organizations invest in the growth of their people. When you invest in a conference, meeting or teambuilding, you want to make that event count. You want ROI. You want to visibly move the needle for your organization.

Lorne helps top teams and organizations around the world get measurable growth.
See the different ways Lorne can help you or your team get RESULTS.


Motivational Speaker

He has spoken on the world’s biggest stages to organizational giants on five continents, from NASA to Sony to Gartner. He appears on CNN. He’s an extraordinary expert. His stories will pierce your audiences’ hearts. His message will move them to act.

See why organizations and associations around the world have consistently counted on The Big Cat Guy, Lorne Sulcas, as their ‘go-to’ Top Business Motivational Speaker and Trainer since 1996.




Motivational Keynote Speeches from a worldwide trusted thought leader about exactly how individuals, teams and leaders can thrive in the face of change and competition.

Lorne Sulcas has combined his experience in business and the Bushveld, from the corporate to the ‘real’ jungle, to create a unique and unforgettable motivational experience. He’s spent years as a leadership trainer and also as a game ranger. Now he’s a game-changer. Let a world-renowned speaker reveal to you the million-year-old success secrets of Africa’s three Big Cats, the lion, the leopard, and the cheetah, that have survived brutal change and competition since the beginning of time.

Lorne is famous around the world as a dynamic, engaging & inspirational speaker, and has spoken to organizations on five continents.  Let The Big Cat Guy help your team to thrive in your jungle!

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Conference Keynote Speeches to give your audience a motivational message that will stick with them immediately and make your event an unforgettable success.

His high energy and action packed inspirational message will send your audience home excited to grow and a ready to act. Set the tone of your conference with not simply a keynote, but an experience! Discover the lessons we can learn from how Africa’s supreme Big Cats maintain a resilient mindset and face challenges head-on to survive extreme pressure of literally, life or death, every day.

Lorne is an Inspiring Motivational Speaker who will move your audience to action. His mind-blowing keynotes are universally loved by audiences around the globe -from Atlanta to Oslo, London, UK to London, Canada. But be warned: his presentations are like nothing you’ve ever seen before –or will ever see again!

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Corporate Speaking Services to empower your people and enhance employee engagement.

In the organizational landscape Change is a given.  Competition is inevitable, There are no better adversity and resilience role models than Africa’s Big Cats, that have to navigate and survive massive change and competition every day of their lives. These supreme hunters’ ability to adapt to change and to come up with innovative hunting strategies in response to the constantly changing conditions, draws a powerful and relatable parallel to the often cutthroat business environment in which we find ourselves every day.

Lorne Sulcas is a Motivational Speaker on Grit and Performance. His talks and working sessions will help your audience understand and commit to the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and leadership.

His riveting stories on how to navigate change and competition and build trust and loyalty will take your audience on a journey that will propel them to synergy and getting the best from the team in a challenging and changing environment.

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Motivational Speaker Lorne Sulcas was a sought-after leadership trainer in the concrete jungle, and spent almost a decade tracking Africa’s Big Cats as a game ranger in the real jungle. Today The Big Cat Guy speaks around the world –from Atlanta to Amsterdam, London, UK to Los Angeles– revealing the million-year-old proven secrets you need to thrive in YOUR jungle.
He is one-of-a-kind.

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How does the leopard thrive in a constantly changing and challenging landscape?

Just as every business situation presents a totally different set of variables and challenges, for Africa’s Big Cats, every hunt presents a whole new set of conditions and challenges, in a changed landscape.
The leopard is arguably the most adaptable of all large predators, found in habitats from mountains to desert, stretching from Africa all the way to Asia. What makes the leopard such a supreme hunter, able to thrive in and have a reach across so many different ecosystems?

Can you adapt when things change? What can you learn from the leopard on adaptability and resilience in the face of change?

In his Thriving in a Wild World™ presentations, Motivational Speaker Lorne Sulcas reveals the leopard’s success secrets you can apply to the change and challenges you face every day.

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How is it possible for a lion to kill a buffalo seven times its weight?

Lions collaborate to form teams we call a ‘pride’ which allows them to synergise their efforts to be able to hunt the massive herbivores -wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, buffalo and in some cases even elephant-that the other cats can’t hunt. Their collaboration and synergy also allows them to defend a much larger or more prime territory, which in turn gives them access to prime habitat and resources.
In this way the lion can get results that the other felines can’t. Lions get exceptional results. But exceptional results can only come from exceptional teamwork and potency. So what is truly exceptional teamwork? What makes lions so potent?

What can your organisation learn from lions about what it takes to get seemingly impossible results?

The Big Cat Guy shares the potent Lessons from Lions™ that we can apply to get exceptional results.

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How does the cheetah survive despite the massive competition from the larger, stronger predators?

Because the cheetah is built for speed not strength, it is right at the bottom of the totem pole of the large carnivores and subject to constant and brutal competition from the larger predators such as lions and hyenas.
With incredible speed, but limited stamina, the cheetah has to be very calculated and strategic in terms of opportunity selection and energy expenditure, and has to make its efforts really count. As a result, the cheetah has the highest ‘conversion rate’ of Africa’s three big cats: about 80% of cheetah’s attempts result in successful kills. Why is that? What makes the cheetah so efficient?

What can the cheetah teach us about what leadership, vision and opportunity have to do with surviving competition?

Lorne’s stories and message will imprint forever on your audience, the cheetah’s incredible keys to success.

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"I was blown away ... Lorne is unique and I really feel he would please any audience. His was and still is one of the most talked about presentations we've seen."






"Your presentation was brilliant, Lorne. In my job, I hear a lot from motivational speakers and much of it is a rehash of other presentations or literature. This was different…… Pure, base animal behaviours ... expertly translated into the world of human beings ... An intellectual triumph."




"…I was struck by your powerful message that can benefit all of us in today's world of chaos and change. Goose-bumps stuff! We immediately implemented your lessons around teamwork and leadership and are already noticing a huge difference. ..."




"The standing ovation said it all. You have something rich and powerful ... which you expertly fit right in line with our conference... a provocative and exciting approach… absolutely unique and fascinating."




"Lorne, I want to personally thank you. You made each session so relevant to our world. Your delivery is professional, entertaining and inspiring - every time... absolutely outstanding ... the ‘lessons that Big Cat guy spoke on’ is one thing they all really remember and still refer to."







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I’ve heard the best keynote speakers in the world and Lorne’s presentation was World-Class! A masterclass in professional speaking!

Neil McCoy-Ward

Managing Director, Forward Thinking Group, UK

Today I had the great pleasure of hearing Lorne’s motivational speech. He was an amazing storyteller. Truly captivating! I loved seeing the pictures and hearing the detailed stories about how he applies what he knows as a gamekeeper to business. I never thought that there would be a connection but it was really inspirational and really connected to me. I’ve definitely taken away some lessons that I’m going to apply to my business, which is pretty fabulous!

Julie Holmes

Keynote Speaker, Inline Strategy Ltd. London, United Kingdom

We do a lot of conferences every year,… in the US, Europe and South America, What I loved about Lorne’s presentation today, it was different and it was really exciting. Lorne was probably the best motivational speaker I’ve ever seen. We see a lot of these and the keynotes are just typically snoozefest and they’re really boring. But this was fantastic. I was texting my colleagues about how great it was during the presentation. It was absolutely incredible!

Patrick Green

CEO - thinkSCM; CFO - SCM Connections, thinkSCM; SCM Connections, Chicago IL, USA

Wow! I’ve just sat in on Lorne’s motivational speech. Oh my word, it was awesome! The way that he actually brings in the big cats and the behaviors to the wild world that we live in is simply incredible! You can absolutely see where we battle and how we can actually learn from those amazing animals and the amazing cats. Lorne, you’re a master!

Cany Bugler

MD, Tri Active Events Management, Grabouw , WC, South Africa

Strategy is what we use in football. Lorne taught us about exceptional teamwork that gives exceptional results and the Big Cats’ unique way of surviving in the jungle. I really, really value his input and his knowledge and all the key points he showed us. Now we are using it in sports. You realize that all these values and principles of success happen in the business environment… and in football and they’re happening in the wildlife! Unbelievable!

Pitso Mosimane

Head Coach and Former Head Coach, Mamelodi Sundowns & Bafana Bafana

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PA; Phoenix, AZ; Dallas TX; Houston TX; Seattle WA; Vancouver BC; Toronto ON; Edmonton AB

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Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Munich, Germany; Frankfurt, Germany; Oslo, Norway;
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Singapore; Hong Kong; Sydney, Australia; Melbourne, Australia: Auckland, New
Zealand; New Delhi, India; Mumbai, India

Lorne Sulcas – The Big Cat Guy is an International Motivational speaker who speaks Worldwide in countries such as the United StatesCanada, South Africa, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australasia

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