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Interview with CNN about Big Cat Behavior

Mom pulls mountain lion off son

A 5-year old boy was playing outside with his brother when a mountain lion attacked this boy near Aspen, Colorado. The Mother who saw this, ran outside and pulled the lion off her son. This lion was hunted down by authorities and killed. CNN called me to gain more insight in this Big Cat behavior and why this happen. According to statistics, 20 fatal attacks have been reported since 1890 and 2011 of which 14 were children under the age of 14. This points to the propensity of these big cats to hone in on targets that are easy prey. Big cats will look for the young, the small or the weak. Out of these 14 fatal attacks, several have been on kids in the last few decades where no parents were present.  This is an opportunistic attack by a big cat that is looking for an easy prey.

Link to this video: Mother pulls attacking mountain lion off her son

Lorne Sulcas Interview with CNN: Zookeeper killed by Tiger

Lorne Sulcas Interview with CNN: Stacey Konwiser, an experienced Zookeeper at the Palm Beach Zoo was killed by Hati, a 13-year old male Malayan tiger. Stacey was a lead keeper at the zoo and while preparing for an event, was attacked and mauled by this rare male Malayan tiger. Known as the Big Cat Guy and expert on animal behavior, CNN called Lorne Sulcas to report and big cat behavior in the hope to shed more light on these events.

“If we take into consideration that this tiger was a 13-year-old male and that the average longevity of a Malayan tiger is somewhere around 18 to 20 years, it is to be expected that it would be even a little longer when held in captivity. That means that this tiger was in its absolute prime. It’s an incredibly powerful animal. Massive, and pure muscle. Their instincts are encoded in their DNA over millions of years and they are supposed to be aggressive and dominant. This is imperative for their survival in the wild.” said Lorne Sulcas

Lorne Sulcas report further, “From what I understood, there were three males together with one female in an unnaturally small enclosed area. And with Hati in its prime, thrust together in an unnaturally tiny area, you would get heightened competition and a displaced aggression. Hati had no natural outlet for its aggression. And he has been hardwired to defend and command a territory. Stacey was obviously no match for a 300-pound killing machine that was placed in this unnatural environment.”

The transcript of this conversation with Lorne Sulcas can be found in CNN’s archives.


Success Lessons from Africa’s 3 Great Cats

Lorne Sulcas Lessons in Success All for Women ArticleAfter several years of research on the big cats in the area, I could saw so clearly how much there was to learn about success and winning from how animals in the wild have been surviving massive change, competition and challenges for millennia.

My journey from the bushveld to business is one of, as everyone thought, being crazy enough to follow an overwhelming passion after I left a stable career in the corporate world to become a game ranger-guide at Sabi Sabi in the Greater Kruger National Park.

Today I am helping organizations pursuing excellence by sharing my passion, my experiences, my internationally award-winning photos, and my message in my keynote presentations on the powerful success lessons from Africa’s 3 big cats. You can read some extracts of the lessons learned from the oldest, most successful marketplace, Nature. Find it here.
Lessons in success from Africa’s 3 great cats.

Team-building Sport Summit

Team-building skills:  CONQA Elite Sport is helping teams and coaches achieve success. This year at their Sport Summit, 320 of the most talented sports practitioners from elite sport came together in Cape Town where Lorne Sulcas, better known as The Big Cat Guy,  delivered a keynote on what it takes to be an exceptional team.
Daniel Gallan wrote an article about this keynote here:


Team-building representatives at the Sport Summit

Justin Woolford, CEO, CONQA Sport
Tracey Veivers, Head Psychologist, Brisbane Lions 
Grant Downie, Head of Performance – Academy, Manchester City FC 
Capt. Tom Chaby, Executive Officer, US Navy SEALs 
Andy Harrison, Programme Director, British Cycling 


CONQA: Elite Sport Summit (Cape Town)


Download the Conference Event Program here for more information about the event.

Lorne Sulcas - The Big Cat Guy - CONQA Sport Summit Event Program

CONQA Elite Sport Summit Event Program

Business Lessons from the Bush

Lorne Sulcas - The Big CatGuy - Keynote Address at Vistage

Business Lessons for Leaders: Vistage, a world leader as an international CEO development organization have put together a neat summary of my talk about on how to remain resilient in a fiercely challenging and competitive world.

The animal kingdom’s territory is a dangerous place. And for animals to survive, they have to understand how the smallest difference can have the biggest of consequences. Survivors are always awake and ready to act.

Business Lessons from the leopard: One of the many powerful success lessons from Africa’s Big Cats is how to survive brutal competition through innovation.  Being in brutal competition with the much more powerful hyena and lion, the leopard exhibits its strength as an extremely versatile hunter. This adaptability allows the leopard to come up with innovative hunting strategies in response to the conditions in which it finds itself. The business landscape in which we find ourselves will change. That’s a given and if we’re reacting, we’re too late.  Like the leopard, we need to be prepared, and nimble enough to navigate into any business terrain.

Business Lessons from the cheetah: The cheetah is diurnal, incredibly fast but not muscular and has limited stamina. It has a very selective target orientation and conserves energy to ensure optimum performance. The cheetah is known to be an excellent teacher to its cubs.  With adequate training and development, It enables its cubs to develop the skills required for survival, clear goal orientation, awareness of the competition and predatory opposition.

Business Lessons from the lion: The lion is large, very strong and totally team oriented. They hunt large targets and their success as teams depend on role clarity and confidence in each other’s performance. Lions are known to be committed, caring and find their success in being affectionate and unified teams. Every member of the team contributes to the agreed goal and each member shares n the loss or reward. A pride does not tolerate weak or poor performers. Performance appraisal, trust, and confidence are key factors in making winning teams. And the weak? They are eliminated.

The leopard’s resilience, the cheetah’s vision, and leadership, and the lion’s uncommon teamwork and synergy are only some of Business Lessons you will get to learn from these three big cats.

With Lorne’s qualifications in both human and animal behavior and his experience as a leadership trainer and management consultant, he explains what leaders need to do in a highly competitive environment to implement the best thought through winning strategies.

Lorne brings an unbeatable success message to his audience with his real animal stories and opens a wonder-world that exceeds your wildest expectations. His stories are real stories with real solutions.

Read more about it here:

Business Lessons from the Bush: Wisdom from the Big Cats


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Lorne's speaks in cities all over the world from Atlanta to Amsterdam, London UK, to Las Vegas, Singapore to Sydney.
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"I was blown away ... Lorne is unique and I really feel he would please any audience. His was and still is one of the most talked about presentations we've seen."






"Your presentation was brilliant, Lorne. In my job, I hear a lot from motivational speakers and much of it is a rehash of other presentations or literature. This was different…… Pure, base animal behaviours ... expertly translated into the world of human beings ... An intellectual triumph."




"…I was struck by your powerful message that can benefit all of us in today's world of chaos and change. Goose-bumps stuff! We immediately implemented your lessons around teamwork and leadership and are already noticing a huge difference. ..."




"The standing ovation said it all. You have something rich and powerful ... which you expertly fit right in line with our conference... a provocative and exciting approach… absolutely unique and fascinating."




"Lorne, I want to personally thank you. You made each session so relevant to our world. Your delivery is professional, entertaining and inspiring - every time... absolutely outstanding ... the ‘lessons that Big Cat guy spoke on’ is one thing they all really remember and still refer to."







High Performance & Sustainable Growth

Top Motivational Speaker - Lorne Sulcas - The Big Cat Guy - Interview with Ernest Pillay on Radio2000Sustaining Growth and High Performance – How Organizations Do It

“I help organizations in sustaining growth and high performance in the face of massive challenges, change and competition.”

Lorne Sulcas, The Big Cat Guy and Keynote Speaker, in his interview on Radio2000 with radio personality Ernest Pillay, speaks about wildlife photography and nature conservation and how this, in the end, lead to his speaking career. Pillay is one of the founding members of Kaya FM, the first independent black radio station where he hosted the Afternoon Drive show. He now also serves as a board member of the DMASA, a financial service group which specializes in asset management, insurance, and retirement fund administration.


The Big Cat Guy in Radio2000 interview with Ernest Pillay


Top Motivational Speaker - Lorne Sulcas - The Big Cat Guy - Interview with Ernest Pillay on Radio2000

Or just listen to the audio clip here



Professional Keynote Speaker Big Cat Guy at RSIC 2017

RSIC Professional Keynote Speaker: Big Cat Guy & Graça Machel address inquisitive young minds

I’m humbled that being a professional keynote speaker puts me alongside some great people every day.  I shared the platform as conference keynote speaker with Graça Machel at the 2017 Round Square International Conference in Cape Town this week, and after my keynote, I had the privilege of sitting next to Her Majesty Queen Anne Marie at lunch with some of the student delegates from around the world.  Well, you can imagine the conversation at the lunch table…?!  🙂

Motivational Speaker - Lorne Sulcas - The Big Cat Guy - Speaking Event - 18

Graça Machel is universally known for being a freedom fighter for Africa, a champion for the upliftment of this great continent and all of its people.  She married the first President of independent Mozambique, Samora Machel. Years later and after the death of her first husband, she would become the only woman in the world to have been married to two presidents when she wed President Nelson Mandela from South Africa.

His Majesty King Constantine II of Greece officially opened the conference

Having Graça Machel on the programme was just one example of the spectacular scale and standard of this 2017 Round Square International Conference.  The agenda this year was incredible and really showcased how fantastic this organization is and the marvelous, truly world-changing work it’s doing and future leaders it’s producing. A large percentage of the approximately 1400 audience members was Grade 11 students from 150 schools around the world. The President of Round Square International is His Majesty King Constantine II of Greece, who officially opened the conference, followed by a spectacular opening ceremony.  And so, it was a huge honor to also have the King and his wife, Her Majesty Queen Anne Marie, in the audience. What was really cool, as I have mentioned here, was to see the sponge-like curiosity and enthusiasm of these fresh young minds!

Motivational Speaker - Lorne Sulcas - The Big Cat Guy - Speaking Event - 19

International schools represented at this conference were:

  • Box Hill School
  • Keystone Academy, Beijing
  • Him Academy Public School
  • Amman Baccalaureate School
  • Ivanhoe Grammar School
  • Stanford Lake College
  • Ballarat Grammar School
  • The Armidale School
  • Scotch College
  • Buckingham Browne and Nichols
  • Woodleigh School
  • Samworth Church Academy
  • Gordonstoun
  • Bermuda High School
  • Inter-Community School
  • Colegio Los Nogales

And the list wouldn’t be complete without a huge shout-out to the three Western Cape Schools who hosted and organized this massive international event: St. Cyprian’s, St. George’s Grammar School and Bridge House. A hearty congratulations for an unbelievable conference!

Keynote to London Business Leaders

Recently, The Big Cat Guy delivered his Thriving in a Wild World™ keynote in London, where 120 Influential Business Leaders and top sports coaches from across the UK attended the CONQA London Leadership Summit.

Business Leaders who have been seen here

Simon Hill, Head of UK & Ireland Channels, ORACLE 
Gary Noesner, Chief Negotiator, Federal Bureau of Invetigation (FBI) 
Eva Bishop, Associate General Counsel, Downstream & Shipping, BP
Max Koep, Managing Director, CEEMA & LATAM, Deutsche Bank 
Kate Matthews, Head of Leadership & Executive Development, Citi Group 
Stuart Lancaster, Head Coach, Leinster Rugby 
Simon Miles, Global Customer Director, Coca-Cola 
Justin Woolford, Chief Executive Officer, CONQA

CONQA: London Leadership Summit – Stock Exchange

Business Leaders representing these Organizations

Anheuser-Busch InBev 
HSBC Holdings PLC.
Aon plc (NYSE:AON).
Everton F.C.
FA Cup.
Goldman Sachs.
Bank BNP Paribas
McLaren Applied Technologies
Citi Croup
Manchester City FC
Thomson Reuters

Storytellers inspire at The One&Only

A series of talks by some of South Africa’s most inspiring speakers were hosted by the One&Only Hotel. These talks included storytellers and motivational speakers who achieved the impossible and inspired others to do the same. This event attracted wide interest and this was, in particular, evident when additional chairs had to be carried into the venue before Lorne’s speech.

Cape Town Magazine, TownCoZa, IOL, and What’s On Johannesburg were only a few who listed this event as something not to be missed.

More about what my talks are about can be found here. See how The Big Cat Guy does storytelling at the Momentum Annual Conference, Sun City Superbowl


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Lorne's speaks in cities all over the world from Atlanta to Amsterdam, London UK, to Las Vegas, Singapore to Sydney.
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