A 5-year old boy was playing outside with his brother when a mountain lion attacked this boy near Aspen, Colorado. The Mother who saw this, ran outside and pulled the lion off her son. This lion was hunted down by authorities and killed. CNN called wild-life expert and Top Motivational Speaker Lorne Sulcas to gain more insight in this Big Cat behavior and why this happen. According to statistics, 20 fatal attacks have been reported since 1890 and 2011 of which 14 were children under the age of 14. This points to the propensity of these big cats to hone in on targets that are easy prey. Big cats will look for the young, the small or the weak. Out of these 14 fatal attacks, several have been on kids in the last few decades where no parents were present.  This is an opportunistic attack by a big cat that is looking for an easy prey.

Link to this video: Mother pulls attacking mountain lion off her son

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