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Having an opening or closing Conference Keynote Speaker who ‘bombs’ is probably an event planner’s absolute worst nightmare. You’re looking for a high-energy, high content speaker who will set the critical tone in opening your conference or leave your audience excited and ready to grow after closing it.  Your speaker’s message has to stick and inspire.  You cannot afford to have a Conference Keynote Speaker who is forgotten straight after walking off the stage.

Audiences don’t forget The Big Cat Guy.  Or his message.  His is not a speech.  It’s an experience. And each keynote is different.  Because every event and every organization is different.

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Since 1996, International Conference Keynote Speaker Lorne Sulcas has been ‘WOW’ing top teams and organizations around the world with his unique Thriving in a Wild World™ keynote presentations.  After many years as a sought-after Leadership Trainer and Management Consultant, Lorne Sulcas went from the corporate jungle to the real jungle. Everyone thought he was crazy. For nearly a decade, Lorne was a game ranger, tracking and photographing Africa’s Big Cats on a daily basis.  Today, The Big Cat Guy travels the world sharing potent life and organizational lessons from these super-predators that have been thriving for millennia in the face of change and competition. No-one has ever fallen asleep in Lorne’s keynotes! They are one-of-a-kind. And tailored to your bespoke context.  Lorne reveals to your audience the age-old proven secrets of success:

  • Sustaining growth and exceptional results
  • Resilience in the face of inevitable change
  • Truly exceptional teamwork
  • Potent leadership, innovation and opportunity
  • Getting and maintaining competitive advantage

He’s unorthodox; definitely not your average conference keynote speaker. Lorne’s clients include organizational giants on five continents, from Hershey’s to Bank One to Rolls Royce.  He has spoken on the world’s biggest stages.  He appears on CNN.  His captivating stories and award-winning photos will pierce your audiences’ hearts.  His inspiration will stay with them forever.   His message moves people to act. He’s an extraordinary expert; renowned professional; a ‘cat’-alyst; trusted International Conference Keynote Speaker to CEO’s and Event Planners.  Around the planet.

Because there’s no excuse for mediocre.

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Lorne’s speaks in cities all over the world from Atlanta to Amsterdam, London UK, to Las Vegas, Singapore to Sydney.


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I really enjoyed the presentation on the wildlife in Africa because I believe that in every business there are the same challenges as in the wild. Lorne explained in very clear terms how nature’s species have survived in extremely hostile environments. These lessons of the African bush are relevant to every business … I think that if business people were to adopt those fundamental paradigms in their own businesses, they would be much more successful. Lorne’s lessons from the ruthless plains of Africa should be applied to every business. Well done Lorne!

Graham Woolford

Actuary and Chairman , Unihealth Unlimited, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, SA

Lorne’s talk relates to a lot of what we do in the elite sports world.  I thought it was a fantastic opportunity … how he related to what we have now on the cutting edge of elite sport. From my side, it was fantastic! It really made things real. Something that I could relate to as a coach but also someone that works with a lot of high-performance. Fantastic and really glad I got the opportunity!

Matt Hawkins

Director of Operations; Asst Coach, PRO Rugby San Diego, San Diego, CA, USA

I work with Eyegym. We train the eyes and the brain. We work on decision making and I think out of Lorne’s talk I realized again that we are actually designed to, like animals to hunt, look far and be aware of what’s happening around you … The talk from Lorne really reminded me again of those basic skills that we’ve got inside… that we can awaken again.

Christi Botha


What really stood out for me was the quality of Lorne’s photos and specifically his stories … and new angles on animals and how they work together and how we can borrow those lessons to our world. What really stood out for me was how Lorne’s game ranger experience of how you can tell stories… that apply to you in your life, and the metaphor … To see the photos of that, the talk really came alive to me … and to add the detail that’s relevant and extract the story in the metaphor really was very powerful. I enjoyed it very much!

Tim Goodenough

Managing Director, High Performance Coach, Beyond the Gap, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, SA

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