Top Cape Town Motivational Speaker Lorne Sulcas inspires at the One&Only

A series of talks by some of South Africa’s most inspiring and top motivational speakers were hosted by the One&Only Hotel. Amongst them was Lorne Sulcas. Lorne is a Cape Town Motivational Speaker, better known as the Big Cat Guy.

These talks included storytellers and motivational speakers who achieved the impossible and inspired others to do the same. Top Motivational Speaker Lorne Sulcas was a sought-after leadership trainer in the concrete jungle. He spent almost a decade tracking Africa’s Big Cats as a game ranger in the real jungle. 

Lorne has won international awards for his wild-life photos. It is a huge privilege to be entertained by Lorne’s photography during his inspirational talks. You get to see breathtakingly beautiful photos on a big screen. Lorne’s photos are mainly of Africa’s three big cats, the leopard, the lion, and the cheetah. These are the type of photos that are rare to see and adds to an amazing experience during his talks.

Lorne draws parallels between the big cat behavior and human behavior. He shares potent lessons from these super-predators that have been thriving for millennia in the face of change and competition.

How motivational speakers contribute to your company’s success

Lorne believes that, for companies to become great, they will first have to invest in the growth of their people. Lorne believes the same is true when he delivers his message. “The success of your event is directly related to the energy, motivation, excitement, and knowledge your delegates will harness,” says Lorne.

Lorne is known as one of those inspirational speakers who is always talked about long after his presentation. His captivating stories and award-winning photos will pierce your audiences’ hearts.  His inspiration will stay with your audience forever. His message moves people to act.

Cape Town Keynote Speaker Lorne Sulcas’ Message

Lorne’s keynotes are one-of-a-kind. Lorne reveals to your audience the age-old proven secrets of success about Africa’s three big cats. Lorne addresses the key survival skills companies need to thrive in a wild world. Lorne will show you:

  • How these big cats sustain growth and exceptional results and why you should too
  • How these cats are resilient in the face of inevitable change and why your company need this to survive and remain sustainable
  • How these cats display truly exceptional teamwork and how this makes them thriving for millennia in the face of change and competition. How strong are your teams? What are your weaknesses? This is what any company need to know, right?
  • Yes, these big cats are amazing examples of potent leadership, innovation, and opportunity. Leadership requires constant growth. How does your company need to grow? 
  • How these cats get and maintain their competitive advantage. Who is your competition? How well do you know your competition? Do you know what you need to do to always stay one step ahead?

 “Because there’s no excuse for mediocre.”

Lorne’s Motivational Speech to the Public was a Rare Event

This event attracted wide interest. Lorne delivers his talks 99% of the time to companies and big corporates only. This is why public members saw this as a unique chance not to be missed. It was, in particular, evident when additional chairs had to be carried into the venue before Lorne’s speech. 

The One&Only in Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most vibrant and urbane resorts. You will find it in the heart of the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.

In the News

Cape Town Magazine, TownCoZa, IOL, and What’s On Johannesburg. These were only a few who listed this magnificent event as something not to be missed.

What contributed towards Lorne developing his Exceptional Inspirational Talks?

Lorne also worked for Franklin-Covey (SA) as a trainer of their Seven Habits of Highly Effective People® program. He also founded his Feel Moved Enterprises company. Under this, he developed, marketed and distributed across the world a very successful range of humorous greeting cards. On these cards, he uses his own photographs of African wildlife.

Lorne’s Journey towards becoming a Trusted Motivational Speaker

Today, Lorne is an extraordinary expert; renowned professional; a ‘cat’-alyst;  Lorne is a Trusted Motivational Speaker. He is also a Conference Keynote Speaker to CEO’s and Event Planners.  Around the planet.

Today, his clients include organizational giants on five continents. These include companies such as 3M, Bank One, and Rolls Royce.  He has spoken on the world’s biggest stages.  He appears on CNN. 

More about what Lorne’s talks are about can be found here. See how The Big Cat Guy does storytelling at the Momentum Annual Conference, Sun City Superbowl.


I’ve heard the best keynote speakers in the world and Lorne’s presentation was World-Class! A masterclass in professional speaking!

Neil McCoy-Ward

Managing Director, Forward Thinking Group, UK

Today I had the great pleasure of hearing Lorne’s motivational speech. He was an amazing storyteller. Truly captivating! I loved seeing the pictures and hearing the detailed stories about how he applies what he knows as a gamekeeper to business. I never thought that there would be a connection but it was really inspirational and really connected to me. I’ve definitely taken away some lessons that I’m going to apply to my business, which is pretty fabulous!

Julie Holmes

Keynote Speaker, Inline Strategy Ltd. London, United Kingdom

We do a lot of conferences every year,… in the US, Europe and South America, What I loved about Lorne’s presentation today, it was different and it was really exciting. Lorne was probably the best motivational speaker I’ve ever seen. We see a lot of these and the keynotes are just typically snoozefest and they’re really boring. But this was fantastic. I was texting my colleagues about how great it was during the presentation. It was absolutely incredible!

Patrick Green

CEO - thinkSCM; CFO - SCM Connections, thinkSCM; SCM Connections, Chicago IL, USA

Wow! I’ve just sat in on Lorne’s motivational speech. Oh my word, it was awesome! The way that he actually brings in the big cats and the behaviors to the wild world that we live in is simply incredible! You can absolutely see where we battle and how we can actually learn from those amazing animals and the amazing cats. Lorne, you’re a master!

Cany Bugler

MD, Tri Active Events Management, Grabouw , WC, South Africa

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