Lorne Sulcas - The Big CatGuy - Keynote Address at Vistage

Business Lessons for Leaders: Vistage, a world leader as an international CEO development organization have put together a neat summary of my talk about on how to remain resilient in a fiercely challenging and competitive world.

The animal kingdom’s territory is a dangerous place. And for animals to survive, they have to understand how the smallest difference can have the biggest of consequences. Survivors are always awake and ready to act.

Business Lessons from the leopard: One of the many powerful success lessons from Africa’s Big Cats is how to survive brutal competition through innovation.  Being in brutal competition with the much more powerful hyena and lion, the leopard exhibits its strength as an extremely versatile hunter. This adaptability allows the leopard to come up with innovative hunting strategies in response to the conditions in which it finds itself. The business landscape in which we find ourselves will change. That’s a given and if we’re reacting, we’re too late.  Like the leopard, we need to be prepared, and nimble enough to navigate into any business terrain.

Business Lessons from the cheetah: The cheetah is diurnal, incredibly fast but not muscular and has limited stamina. It has a very selective target orientation and conserves energy to ensure optimum performance. The cheetah is known to be an excellent teacher to its cubs.  With adequate training and development, It enables its cubs to develop the skills required for survival, clear goal orientation, awareness of the competition and predatory opposition.

Business Lessons from the lion: The lion is large, very strong and totally team oriented. They hunt large targets and their success as teams depend on role clarity and confidence in each other’s performance. Lions are known to be committed, caring and find their success in being affectionate and unified teams. Every member of the team contributes to the agreed goal and each member shares n the loss or reward. A pride does not tolerate weak or poor performers. Performance appraisal, trust, and confidence are key factors in making winning teams. And the weak? They are eliminated.

The leopard’s resilience, the cheetah’s vision, and leadership, and the lion’s uncommon teamwork and synergy are only some of Business Lessons you will get to learn from these three big cats.

With Lorne’s qualifications in both human and animal behavior and his experience as a leadership trainer and management consultant, he explains what leaders need to do in a highly competitive environment to implement the best thought through winning strategies.

Lorne brings an unbeatable success message to his audience with his real animal stories and opens a wonder-world that exceeds your wildest expectations. His stories are real stories with real solutions.

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