Top Motivational Speaker Lorne Sulcas Interview with CNN: Stacey Konwiser, an experienced Zookeeper at the Palm Beach Zoo was killed by Hati, a 13-year old male Malayan tiger. Stacey was a lead keeper at the zoo and while preparing for an event, was attacked and mauled by this rare male Malayan tiger. Known as the Big Cat Guy and expert on animal behavior, CNN called Lorne Sulcas to report and big cat behavior in the hope to shed more light on these events.

“If we take into consideration that this tiger was a 13-year-old male and that the average longevity of a Malayan tiger is somewhere around 18 to 20 years, it is to be expected that it would be even a little longer when held in captivity. That means that this tiger was in its absolute prime. It’s an incredibly powerful animal. Massive, and pure muscle. Their instincts are encoded in their DNA over millions of years and they are supposed to be aggressive and dominant. This is imperative for their survival in the wild.” said Lorne Sulcas

Lorne Sulcas report further, “From what I understood, there were three males together with one female in an unnaturally small enclosed area. And with Hati in its prime, thrust together in an unnaturally tiny area, you would get heightened competition and a displaced aggression. Hati had no natural outlet for its aggression. And he has been hardwired to defend and command a territory. Stacey was obviously no match for a 300-pound killing machine that was placed in this unnatural environment.”

The transcript of this conversation with Lorne Sulcas can be found in CNN’s archives.

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