Corporate motivational speakers for team building and leadership development

Corporate motivational speakers for team building and leadership development

1   Why corporate motivational speakers are needed now more than ever

I am a corporate motivational speaker and my real job is to directly address the major factors contributing to an organization’s successes and failures.

As I’ve spoken around the globe, to organizations across just about every industry, I’ve seen how corporate motivational speakers are now needed more than ever. If you wonder why let me explain.

How does your company’s employee turnover look? How certain are you that your employees love their jobs? Did you know that 65% of the American workforce is looking for a new job?

Gallup Research collected data from more than 195,600 U.S. employees in 2017 and found that the main reason why employees leave their jobs is that they don’t feel their best skills are recognized, appreciated, and utilized.

Corporate motivation lack because employees don’t feel they are encouraged or supported to do what they do best.


2   Employees hate their jobs and don’t trust their leaders

A recent study discussed by Harvard Business Review reveals that employees dislike their jobs, don’t trust their leaders, and aren’t engaged.

Leadership development cannot be done with a one-size-fits-all approach. Companies have different cultures and the people that work under every leader are all unique human beings.

For too long did leadership developers rely on competencies as a measure to evaluate and approve leader behavior. But each leadership role has its own unique demands and environmental structure.

It has become clear that effective leaders cannot be built by using leadership theories presented by management consultants who aim to “grow” the “right” and same collection of behaviors and attributes across the board.

Contrary to the expectation of aspiring leaders, it has to be said that great leadership is not a skill that can be developed overnight.  True leadership requires self-awareness, humility, massive responsibility, and is on a path of constant long-term learning.

The secret formula for great leadership does NOT lie in competencies.


3   The #1 reason for high-employee turnover

The number one reason why people are looking for new jobs stems from poor leadership. The other top reasons for losing your employees are organizational problems and toxic work environment and lack of organizational direction.

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4   5 Things you can do to keep your employees happy

Tolero Solutions list these 5 things you can do to keep your employees happy.


4.1   What employees need are open honest leaders. They want to know what is going on within your organization. And they want to know that you care.


4.2   Employee recognition is imperative to high retention. Employees experience the way they are appreciated in different ways.

When an organization makes corporate motivational speakers’ part of their company’s growth rituals, it provides employees with positive reinforcement and is evidence of a company’s commitment to support its people.


4.3   Ensure your expectations are realistic.

When you set performance goals for your people, make sure they are realistic. Most people love challenges as long as it is fair, achievable, and recognized.

Ensure that the goals you set include goals that are personal to each individual. When this is done, an employee will feel that his job role is important to the organization and will be able to see how his own contribution has value.

Remain flexible as well. Circumstances and situations change. Reviewing set goals will ensure employees trust that he is truly part of the bigger plan towards success.


4.4   Organizations must do whatever is necessary to ensure that the leaders they appoint instill trust and open communication.

Employees need to know that everyone is accountable, and that employee engagement is welcomed in the workplace.


4.5   Reward your employees and reward your leaders.

It is true that leaders feel pressure from both sides. They will feel the heat from their bosses and have to deal with employee challenges as well.

Leaders need guidance and need to feel they are supported. When leaders don’t have a clear vision, they will not be able to offer guidance further down the line either.

Hiring corporate motivational speakers helps create unity and improves corporate culture.


5   Hiring corporate motivational speakers is a powerful way for an organization to encourage sustainable growth

Obviously, providing leaders and employees with frequent inspiring talks from corporate motivational speakers is one way that you can truly make a difference. It shows employees that the organization is invested in its leaders and that it values their people.

Truly great corporate motivational speakers are experts in human relations. It is also a sign that an organization welcomes a fresh approach and new ways to improve workforce performance.

Read my article on frequently asked questions to find guidelines as to ensure you invest in a great corporate motivational speaker. Having a corporate motivational speaker who ‘bombs’ is the last thing you want.

You’re looking for a high-energy, high content speaker. You need a speaker who will set the critical tone of your event and leave your employees excited and ready to grow after closing his speech.


6 Why building good leaders keep on failing and how to change that

In the same study discussed by the Harvard Business Review above, it has been found that the way in which leaders spent their time are really the factors that differentiate the effective leaders from average performing ones.

This also shows how leadership skills are context-specific.

This study focused on everyday interplays instead of a list of attributes. The leaders who excelled in these tasks had better performance and more engaged teams.


6.1   Things you can do to grow your leadership skills

The Harvard Business Review article referred to above then advises on certain actions you can take to improve your leadership skills.


6.1.1   Self-Assess

Observe your own behavior and performance.

Take note of your routines, how you spend your time, and what do you focus on. Use any and all meetings, including one-on-one meetings, team meetings, and meetings with clients to asses yourself and grow behavior that makes you better.

Notice how you interact with people and how you pay real attention to their presence.


6.1.2   Study high-performers

Make a point to meet peers and leaders that you trust and respect. Talk to them and model their behavior. Ask them what they do to differentiate themselves as high performers.

It is here where you will get the best advice since you are talking to people who are in the same organization as you are. This will make your solutions real.


6.1.3   Create a conversation about routines

Instead of focusing on leadership attributes, start discussing and encouraging winning routines with your teams and focus on improvement instead of performance assessment.


6.1.4   Tolerate imperfection and get feedback, regularly

Focus on one or two routines and ask for honest focused feedback. Set a weekly schedule and prioritize learning from the feedback you get.


Be patient. Growth is a process without an end date. Rather work towards gaining insight into work performance in practical ways and get an understanding of how this makes an impact.


7   Corporate motivational speakers are invested in the most important asset of any organization

We are all inspired by stories and examples. This is how we grew up. As children, we modeled people who inspired us.

No organization can achieve success without its people. It is exactly the work of corporate motivational speakers to bring inspirational case studies and stories to the platform.

As adults, we still follow role models. We look at people we respect and admire, and we model their behavior.


8   How corporate motivational speakers can become the game-changer you need for your organization

As a corporate motivational speaker, I employ all the effort that is required to understand an organization’s challenges before I prepare my speech. I’ve seen that there are several common issues that keep CEO’s awake at night:

As the American stand-up comedian and actor Bob Nelson has said: “An employee’s motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager.”

Ineffective leaders tend to pass their bad habits onto their subordinates right down to the bottom-line.

Bad leadership has a direct impact on employee turnover, employee attitude, and lack of collaboration. This becomes a never-ending cycle that erodes company culture and morale.

Leadership for sustainability is a collective facilitative relational feminine attribute that should not be embodied in a single human being.

According to Nicolas Ceasar, head of sustainability practice at Ashbridge Business School, the following four characteristics are important for sustainable development. They are mindfulness, advocacy, holding discomfort, and femininity.


8.1 Mindfulness

Mindfulness helps us remain present and prevent us by being controlled by our thoughts and assumptions we made based on our past experiences.

Mindfulness helps us being in contact with the people that serve in our organizations and finally help us to connect with them in ways that establish trust and unity.

This awareness allows us to be open to change and grow personally.


8.2 Advocacy

When we are defensive and over-challenging, we risk being not taken seriously and become the cause of lack of teamwork and unity.

Not being challenging enough can allow an organization to stagnate and it does not encourage growth and change. This can also become the breeding ground for conflict and the source of an organization’s lack of vision and innovation.

Advocacy requires a leader’s true understanding of how and when to use it.


8.3 Holding discomfort

When a team faces discomfort, it can become highly appealing to get rid of a problem by means of denial, dismissal on the grounds of it being too difficult, using humor to release tension.

Holding the discomfort and finding a mindful way to address the problem is a very powerful characteristic of sustainable leadership.


8.4 Femininity

Aggressiveness, strength, drive, ambition, and self-reliance are strong masculine characteristics and easier to hold than the more feminine characteristics of cooperation, understanding, compassion and collaborative efforts.

Being mindful while being aware of these characteristics can bring along leadership growth, trust, employee engagement, effective teambuilding and an organization that is ready to transform its culture.

Certainly, some of the best qualities great corporate motivational speakers should typically bring to an organization embodies and promotes these characteristics discussed above.

Self-serving leaders would typically find it very challenging and intimidating to adopt any of these characteristics above.

Although the process might not be easy, the results are immensely rewarding, relationally and financially. These are characteristics that will trickle from the top to the bottom down and bring you happy motivated self-driven loyal employees.


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